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Vote No on Ballot Measures

Jackson County

For prosperity in

15-224, 15-225, & 15-226

What do I stand to lose?

Transparent & accountable government

in elections

Claim: Increasing the number of Jackson County Commissioners will increase transparency and provide representation to all residents.

Fact: Growing the Board from 3 members to 5 would allow Commissioners to skirt public meeting laws and deliberate in private, enabling back-room deals. Expanding the Board would also allow the creation of new districts to exert undue influence on who is elected to the Board.

Claim: Making County Commissioner a nonpartisan position will empower non-affiliated voters, increasing representation of all residents. 

Fact: Making these positions nonpartisan eliminates primaries, essentially moving the Commission election from the high-turnout November ballot to the low-turnout May ballot. Nonpartisan status decreases transparency, allowing candidates to hide their political beliefs and intent during campaigns.

Responsible government spending

Claim: Decreasing Commissioner salaries saves taxpayer money. 


Fact: An expanded Board requires construction of new offices, added support staff, larger training & travel budgets, and increased, ongoing PERS & insurance costs for new Commissioner & staff positions, making the overall costs higher for taxpayers. The added cost to taxpayers is at least $500,000 per year.

What's at Risk

if we overhaul Oregon's best-run county

Jackson County is nationally recognized as one of the best-run county governments not just in Oregon but across the country. This is due in no small part to the protections codified in our county charter. It is those protections that these ballot measures aim to erase. 


Our county is financially healthy, keeping enough money in reserves to provide $200 Million in capital infrastructure without raising taxes


Jackson County's tax rate is lower than counties of comparable size.


Our Board of Commissioners adopted a first-in-the-nation full suppression wildfire policy, which has shaped federal wildfire practices and kept the average fire size in our county to less than three acres.


Jackson County led the charge against illegal marijuana grows and associated water theft and human trafficking.

Our county lobbied for the repeal of Measure 110. Recriminalization of hard drugs was finally accomplished in February of 2024.

What can I do?

Get involved by hosting a lawn sign, writing a letter to the editor, canvassing with literature, or making a generous donation. 

Most importantly: Vote No by May 21, 2024.

We are served well by the structures that keep our County government functioning in full view of the public.


Join us to ensure that the important safeguards that protect all of us aren't carelessly tossed aside for the political aspirations of a few. 

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